the best illustrator of all

I first saw The Best Pet of All at our library. I picked it up because the cover was so appealing and brought it home. It is a delightful story and the illustrations are just perfect. I loved the home, and specifically the kitchen, created on these looks vintage & modern at the same time. James really liked the book but it didn't turn into a favorite. I returned it when the month was up and we haven't checked it out since. (I think the dragon scared him a little. He might like it more now.)

About 6 months later I found a soft cover copy of Goldie Lox at the thrift store*. Again, I was drawn to the cover and brought it home. James & I both LOVE this one and have read it many times. (Tonight, in fact, which is what led to this post.) The illustrations are once again perfect and I was pretty sure it was the same illustrator who had done The Best Pet...her style is so distinct. I checked and sure enough, Hanako Wakiyama did them both.

A quick search at Barnes & Noble found this Little Bo Peep one which I promptly put on hold at the library and also turned up this little gem, below, which I will be waiting for in May.

If you're looking for some new books for story time I really recommend these. The stories are adorable and the illustrations, perfection.

*James is an avid reader. I've been buying him books since he was a wee one and we now have stacks of them all over the house. He must have well over 100 (200?) in his collection by now. The best part is that I've gotten nearly every one of them at the thrift store. Their board books are always .35-.45 each, soft covers & golden books are typically .25 and special sound books & Pop Ups $1.00. I've also found him lots of coloring & activity books for .25-.45 each. I think we've bought him less than 10 brand new books in his whole 3+ years! When I look at the price of a board book at Barnes & Noble it just about kills me...$7.99 for Goodnight Moon?! That's highway robbery! Anyways, my point is...check out your local thrift store if you haven't already. Every book I've bought him has been in great condition and you'll probably be surprised to see all the "favorites" on the shelf.


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