blogging made easy (er)

Because my blog is mostly about our lives, it's pretty easy to come up with things to write about. I guess when you've been blogging for a while, and not focusing on your adorable children all the time, it gets harder. Maggie, at Mighty Girl, even wrote a book about it. My computer free time is so limited I find the opposite to be true...I have so many things I wish I could blog about but can't.

But I know if I ever get stuck, my fellow bloggers are there to help me out! There are memes, or memetags, all over the Internet that invite almost anyone to play. I have participated in a couple of them, but again, don't usually have the time. Here's a list of some that I've found:

Photo Tag Monday at Adventures in Baby Wearing
Tackle It Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom
Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer &
Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes for Mom
Thankful Thursday at o, pish posh!
Favorite Ingredients Friday at Overwhelmed With Joy

Even if I don't post, I particularly like Tackle it Tuesday (see people organize their homes!) and Works for Me Wednesday (great tips - you should post on this one, Mom. hahahaha).

Now that I've made this list I think I might try and make a more comprehensive list for people to check. If anyone knows of any, would you please send them? Or, if such a list already exists, let me know. :) Thanks!


  1. Diary of a SAHM does "Slow cooking Thurs" also.

  2. Thank you! Someday I may get to this. :)


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