i am just dying over this...

From Looky, Daddy!: "Beware the nurses," they told us. "They'll have a bottle in that baby's mouth before you can say 'Lower IQ'! Then your baby will be RUINED FOREVER! She'll be STUPID and UNNATURAL and you'll NEVER LOVE HER like you would a breast-fed baby." Everytime I passed the nurses' station with my little bundle of wails, I hunched over a little more, worried that one of them might try to squeeze a bottle past me. (Of course, I also knew if they were to try, all I had to do was call out "La Leche League! I need you!" and flash my boob-shaped emergency distress signal and the League would appear instantly. They have superpowers. "La Leche League powers, activate! Form of a nipple! Form of a proper latch!")


  1. That is funny! I breast fed all four of my kids but two had bottles as well -- maybe I should have IQ tests done? Humm?


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