a little taste of spring

I just had to get us all out of the house today. Yesterday went pretty well but felt so long. After work last night Patrick took James out to dinner and they had a good time. James really needed to get out and having dinner alone with Daddy was a special treat. Ruby seems better today (but just wants to be a lap dog) and James seems a little worse. He was excited to leave this morning, though, and it was a beautiful day.

It's only 28 outside but it's very sunny and feels a lot warmer in the sun. We went to Olbrich Gardens to walk around inside their conservatory. Ruby was just in awe from the moment we walked in. She just kept swiveling her head around with her little mouth hanging open. I don't think she remembers ever seeing that much green before! You can see some pictures over at Yahoo. James always has fun running around the pathways and seeing all the plants and flowers. I pointed out one particularly large leaf and he says, "But how can I rip it down?" Good thing noone was around or we may have got the boot. :) Ruby did manage to snake a hand out and rip off an Orchid petal while I was snapping a picture of it. She is stealthy, that girl. I felt awful. It smells so good in there and you can hear water rushing and birds chirping...I am very much ready for spring now.

Because it was so gorgeous outside we went back to the van to get bundled up a little to walk around in the outdoor gardens. Ruby fell asleep pretty quickly so James and I just strolled until he said he was ready to go back to the van for a pop tart. (a special treat I picked up at the gas station this morning - he thinks they're fabulous!)

It was such a nice morning. And the best part? They both fell asleep on the way home! I am off to have some lunch and read a while.


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