a lovely morning

We ended up surviving our invasion this morning and had a really nice time. One woman cancelled so it was only 6 of us with our 10 children. (only!) I am totally in love with the little boy in the picture. (you can see more pics from the morning here) He is so cute and him and Ruby are really cute with eachother. It's so fun seeing these little ones together. In the last couple weeks Ruby has really opened up around everyone. Her normal 20 minute transition time has decreased to almost nothing...she woke up from her nap today to find a house full of kids and she just jumped right in.
I am struggling to keep up with the photo tag visits (I want to see all the belly pics!) and the blog party. Do you people visit & comment on all these blogs everyday?! I can't keep up. :) But it is really fun to see so many different blogs...I just feel guilty popping in and not being able to stay for long.


  1. Wow, how fun! I wish I could go to playgroups like that :)

    I feel the same guilt about not being able to return comments! I have tried, it was soooo much fun to visit new blogs! I certainly appreciated all the nice things people said on my blog, as well.

  2. LOL Don't feel guilty...there are over 800 party blogs now...you'd have to be very dedicated to visit them all!

    Your babies are adorable!

  3. mama - you could totally come to ours if you move back to WI! ;)


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