lunch is served

Well, here you see activity #45 for the day - Play Doh. Ruby & James both started coughing last night and we are now in sick mode. Poor Ruby - she was probably not feeling well yesterday and instead of being kind and understanding I complained about her allllll day. She ended up sleeping with us until 4am, until she HAD ENOUGH of our bed. It was funny because all of a sudden she was just DONE. (she is not shy about letting us know when she is done with something) I put her back in her crib, she yelled, "Finally!" and rolled over and fell asleep. For an hour. Then Patrick got up with her and moved her to the car seat where she slept until 8am. She has a really runny nose and did a lot better upright. James is pretty fine. (his words) He's in a good mood, just sneezing a lot. (And keeping me updated on the number of times he's covered his mouth. 11, in case you're wondering. we have a chart.)

It's only 11:50 am and we've already made & eaten blueberry pancakes, watched TV, read books, played Play Doh, played Fireman, put together 2 new puzzles from our stash and watched some more tv. Now he's back to fireman mode and is spraying out a raging fire in our washing machine, dryer, laundry pile and wash sink. Did I mention it's not yet noon? Oh! The siren just went's noon! Halleluiah! Almost lunch time and then quiet time. There might be hope for us yet.


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