separated at birth?

Does anyone else remember him? This guy stayed with me for a lot of years!


  1. Oh gosh- looks familiar, kinda freaky the resemblance!!

    Come on over & check out my fun Bump! Photo Tag going on! Hope you’d like to play along and post your favorite pregnant belly pic!


  2. LOL!! Cute pics....

    I am doing a little re-visit from the PARTY. I just added you to my blog roll because you have a ROCKIN' blog and I will want to come back.


  3. I found you thru the Party! I love the heat Miser picture. Too funny. I laughed really hard about the bathroom story. And even harder about the Pull-up story. I babysat my neighbors kids here and there. When their little boy was five or so, he took off his three yr old sister's pull-up when it was full of pee. He pulled it to shreds when they were supposed to be laying down & threw it all over the room. I saw the damage, and told him calmly, "well, looks like that will keep you busy for quite a while, CLEANING IT UP!" He worked on it for an hour. Did pretty well actually.

    His mom was horrified he made the mess (I showed her what he hadn't cleaned). She then had him get my vacuum cleaner & vacuum my carpet & where the kids laid down!! HA! Now she's a glass half full kinda gal as well! Cheers to you!


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