a solo breakfast

(photo by -Deb- on flickr)

This morning I had the great pleasure of leaving my house, alone, at 9am. I am a morning person and in the days before children I was always up & ready to go early on Saturday mornings.

Today was a gloomy day but it didn't dampen my mood. James was kind of a monster this week - interspersed with some fabulous moments - and I was so happy to get away for a while. I headed to the East side for breakfast at one of my favorite little places, Lazy Jane's. Their scones are FABULOUS but they were out of the Orange Coconut White Chocolate ones (I'm not making that up) so I decided to get a breakfast instead. Of course, I later heard that the Lemon Cream ones are nearly famous but there's always next time. I had a chorizo, asiago, mushroom & scallion scramble with wheat berry toast and home fries. And a vanilla latte. It was heavenly. The restaurant is in an old home and they have seating both up & downstairs. It is furnished with thrift store finds and they have piles of books & magazines all over to thumb through while you're waiting for your food.
Aside from the medical concerns, which have thankfully been few & far between with James, one of the hardest things about food allergies is not being able to enjoy a meal out together very often. I am thankful we have a good handful of restaurants that we feel safe bringing him to but Madison is known for good eats and I wish we could try them all as a family. The day that we can take James & Ruby out to breakfast, without bringing our own pancakes, will be such a treat!
I lingered over my breakfast & coffee for over an hour and then headed across the street to SVDP Thrift Store. What I found there is another post. :)


  1. Ooooh I can't wait to find out what you bought!



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