Hello, internet readers everywhere! I have been offline all day today while I busied myself with other projects around here. Oh, and it's beautiful outside and James wasn't into TV this morning so my normal morning fix just wasn't practical. He is in quiet time now and Ruby is napping. (Note: no cute nicknames for Ruby today. She is in a nickname time out due to unnecessary shrieking. Yes, she is too little to understand this but it makes me feel better.)

We had a pretty good weekend around here. Patrick took the kids out of the house Saturday afternoon for about 5 hours and 8 minutes so I could do little stuff that I can never get done with them underfoot. I spray painted some lamps, sorted my filing and shredding, filled up a photo collage frame that's had 4 empty spots for about a year, hung a picture and did some general cleaning up. Oh, I watched TV and talked on the phone a little, too. It was glorious. That morning I had also cleaned my half of the garage while he vacuumed the van and we got James' new carseat installed. What a productive day! This is fairly unusual for us to both be productive on the same day so I had to make a note of it. It was pretty cute to see him get ready to go with both kids. HAHAHA. He had almost the whole back of the van packed with provisions including, but not limited to, a tricycle, towels, blankets, food and various child carrying devices.

Sunday morning we made the mad dash to get ready for church and out the door in 30 minutes. I'm not kidding. The only thing I had done already was nurse Ruby. Church was great, we love it there, but the afternoon that followed was mildly bizarre. It swung between great and awful all day, it is still weird to think about. We tried to mix productivity (errands) with family fun time (walk by the lake) and it wasn't a good mix. But we made it! And James is getting so proficient at his trike. He pedals and steers all over! We were on that same bike path that I took them to last week and it is filled with students, normally. Yesterday he rang his tricycle bell right as he was passing 3 lovely coeds. Ha! They laughed and said how cute he was and he ate it up.

Now today is gorgeous. It's like summer...somewhere in the mid 70s. I know there is 40s weather ahead of us but this is a wonderful treat. I realize I need some summer shoes for Ruby and I need to find James' old sunhat for her. (remember that khaki Gap one you got him, Mom?) I also went through my extra bag of stuff I like to have in the van and removed the size N diapers and the 2T shorts. HAHAHA. Oh my gosh, those diapers are so tiny. Wow, one year almost. Last summer was a sweet time. But, I digress.

So, this morning. James didn't want to watch TV (gah!) so we went outside. He is pretty fun to hang out with outside now and we had a good time. I had gotten him a fire hose sprayer (see one here on Ebay) at D&S a while ago and he LOVED it. I let him spray me, too, which he thought was hilarious. Then we went back to the sandbox and I went in to move our living room furniture around so the couch wasn't blocking the sliding doors anymore. It was lovely to be cleaning in the living room while he played just outside in the sandbox. I could see him but he wasn't talking to me! Fantastic! (I want a fence. waaaaaaah.) Anyways, I love my "new" lamps. I had seen some black lamps at Target a long time ago but they were around $80 each. I had one floor lamp already and recently found another at D&S - they have a similar style and were only $4 each. The shades were $12 each and I paid $3 for spray paint. That's $17.50 each - score! (for my less mathematically gifted readers.)

I am about to wrap things up but just a couple more pics. I wanted to share these devotion books I got. They are by Joyce Meyer and I love them. I've had the morning one for a while and just added the evening one last week. (Next I'm hoping to add "Taking your Bath Right" and "Buying your Groceries Right" HAHAHAHAHAHA) Seriously, she writes about Jesus and the Bible in a no nonsense way and is also very positive but not flowery. It's hard to explain but you'll see what I mean if you check them out.

And finally, just a picture of James, who is afraid of bugs today ("I just don't know them, Mom") but not of turtles.


  1. greetings and thanks so much for submitting to I really your posts and I LOVE the Look Ma I'm blogging image (I actually created it for my former site, Hipstercards and I'm so glad someone is using it!)

    P.S. You may want to check out our sister site,, that we just launched. Lots of fun gifty types of things with special discounts.

  2. Wow, sounds like you got a lot accomplished!! I may have to check out one of those devotionals. I have never read any of hers. I usually do Beth Moore.


  3. Thanks, Linda. I will check her out, too. I still need to link to you! duh. :) skg


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