Up North Recap - Day One

We left last Wednesday at about 9:30am. With 320 miles ahead of us, I felt a bit of apprehension. James was so excited to be on the road, though, and was in a really good mood. The day ended up going really well. James didn't nap the entire time but Ruby took 3 short naps so she wasn't too crabby. A while ago my mom had given me a tote of Happy Meal toys she had collected over the last few years and I brought a bunch of those along. I was handing them to James almost every 5 minutes near the end. :) We made 2 stops, an hour each, to get out and eat, potty & stretch our legs. I prefer to stop at Target but we ended up at 2 WalMarts for our stops - you can do almost everything you need to there, including get gas. The one in Rice Lake, WI even had a Subway and a Great Clips so I got my hair cut, also. KIDDING. The lowest point of the day was trying to change a poopy diaper in the van. We had so much junk in there it was amazing. How much do 3 people need for a week away? A lot, I guess. Thank God for minivans. (and safe travels) We got to my moms at about 5:30pm in fairly good spirits.


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