Up North - Thursday

On Thursday we got up and went to my dads' house.
We just hung out there for the morning and then decided to go get lunch. Of course, both kids totally zonked out in the car. My dad suggested McDonalds so we headed over, stopping at a paint store on the way. After we ate, they were still asleep so I ran in Target to buy a personal DVD player for the way home. (it went well but not THAT well. haha) Errands finished, we started back to his house. James woke up when we were almost there and was kind of wondering what was going on. Back at home, he ate lunch and then they went out to the garage.

My dads' garage is not just any garage. It is huge (bigger than our house?) and full of cars in various stages of restoration. Right now he is working on the Italien. (You can read more about it on his website.) James loves being out there with Grandpa and had a lot of fun.

We left my dads' around 3:30. I wanted to give the kids some more play time before heading home for the night and my mom suggested the Duluth Public Library. They had a really great play area with a full train table for James and lots of stuff for miss bubles to chew on. (and she never even got sick!) There were a couple other moms there and I ended up talking with both of them and having a really nice time myself. One woman I met is a fiddle player and she will be performing with Catie Curtis next month in Madison. I've never heard of this woman but maybe I'll check it out.

We ended up staying at the library for nearly 2 hours. When we left it was really snowing and I was so happy to get back to my moms' in one piece. We hung out with Grandma for the evening and then, after Ruby was sleeping, I got to go to Kmart! By myself!

When I was a kid, Kmart was the trashiest place you could shop. Even my beloved Target was scoffed at in those days but Kmart was really bad. When Martha Stewart spruced the place up I started shopping there again. Then I had kids and realized their kids clothes are pretty cute, too. And they last! Of course, the Kmarts in Madison are closed now so being able to go in Duluth is always a treat for me. And I hit the motherload this particular evening. They had an additional 50% off all of their kids clearance so I got a ton of stuff for next year for around $20. Things like sweatshirts for $1.25 and tshirts for $.75. I also got a couple gift items to squirrel away. It was fun.


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