virus that blocks firewall?

Uh oh. I have no idea what happened but we seem to have a virus on our computer that won't allow our firewall to open. Of course, it's my fault. :)

This is how amazing Patrick is. Last night, he told me not to go online or our computer might crash and we'd lose our pictures. I came down this morning to back the pictures up so I could quick come on here & check email, etc. All the cords were missing from the computer! I called him at work to say haha, you are tricky. He said he hadn't touched them! I was freaked out and right away he offered to come home. Isn't that sweet? Instead of calling me a nutjob he offered to come home in case there was a psycho computer cord thief in our house. I said I'd come down again to make sure and that's when I saw that there is an empty power strip right by the full one - the one with all the cords. So, no psycho but still a virus. The pics are backed up and I am signing off for at least the morning. hahaha.

I hate the thought of no computer. I use my computer for EVERYTHING. Banking, recipes, email, blogging (entertainment), coloring pages, calendar, library, weather checks. It's crazy. What do you use yours for?

It's another gorgeous day so when bubles wakes up we're outie.


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