what we learned today

James & I learn something new every day.

Today I learned that drinking 32 oz. of Mountain Dew will increase my milk supply. Hmmmm. They never told me that at those LaLeche meetings! hahahahha. Sadly, I don't drink as much water throughout the day as I should. My supply isn't suffering but I did notice an abundance today after this huge shot of liquid. (Okay, it was sugary artificial liquid but what can you do? It was one of those days - get off my back!)

Today James learned that looks can be deceiving. (and I also learned that we are at that age) The scene: Ladies Room at Walmart. I come out of the stall and am washing hands. James & Ruby are in the cart next to me.

J: Why is that door closed?

S: There must be someone in there.

J: A man?

S: No, a lady. This is a ladies room, men go in a different bathroom.

J: But I saw a man go in there and shut the door. It was a man! In this ladies room.

S: (drying hands on pants and rushing towards the door using my fake smiley voice) Okay, buddy, let's go!


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