(as promised and eagerly anticipated) THRIFT SCORES

I spent a little over $10 on Friday and got so much good stuff! I love thrift stores! I'm not always in the mood for Dig & Save, where you dig through big boxes of clothes and save because it's all $1.00 per pound, but when I am it is so much fun.

*a couple side notes: My mom just found an entry in her journal from 1999 that mentions that I found a new thrift store...Dig & Save. My dear cousin Sarah used to come and visit me and we would spend hours there...she called it Pig & Save because you get so piggy dirty while digging. Sarah found some of her favorite lingerie EVER there. Boy, could I show you pictures. HAHAHAHAHa. But I would never.

So anyways, I found all of the pictured items and more at D&S and the regular SVDP. I also got 2 shirts for myself, Easter baskets for the kids, and a pair of Eddie Bauer pants, a Nike tennis skirt, a baby Gap raincoat & a vintage pair of swim trunks to sell on Ebay.

The white baby Gap hat I got for Ruby would have cost more new than I paid for everything on Saturday. What's not to love?


  1. Very funny Steph! Good job with the clothing finds, they are all adorable. I got a little nauseated thinking of all I missed that day. I want to have breakfast at the cute little place across from SVDP as well.

  2. hahaha - I know that nauseated feeling you're speaking of. Please come & visit and we can do it all. xo

  3. I'm going to. Maybe I could find love on the Greyhound again? hee-hee

  4. hey, maybe i can find some love on a bus, too mom


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