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This is a long, rambling post for my own memory's sake. If you just want the pictures, they are here.

Let's start with last Friday: Friday morning was really hard for me. Just one of those times that I felt totally overwhelmed. I actually sat on my couch and sobbed, which I don't need to do very often. It felt pretty good and I definitely felt better afterwards. A bit later I took the kids out for a few errands and then a 3 hour walk along the UW bike path. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we had so much fun. I love how friendly James is with everyone...saying hi and stopping to ask what they're doing. College kids are pretty nice...everyone on the path seems pretty nice, actually. I think everyone is so happy to be out moving around in the gorgeous weather. I do notice that a lot of the time, though...people are pretty nice. I was feeling so lonesome for Patrick and it made me feel a lot better to have a little adult interaction - even with strangers. I don't feel lonely too often so experiencing it was good in a way, I think. Imagine being lonely most of the time. How sad. Makes me want to be more sensitive to that in others.

On that same note, even though Patrick is home now, I still feel like I miss him. We need some time together...I'm really feeling that. A few weeks ago our children's librarian offered to watch the kids for us. I really like her and so does James so I think I'm going to take her up on her offer asap. I still haven't found a young babysitter, like I said I was going to do back in January. Kate has offered many times but it feels like a lot to ask your friend with one kid of her own to come on over and watch your two. :) Anyways, I'm going to ask Katie (the librarian) this week and see what she says. She already said she won't take money but I know she loves books so maybe we can just bring her a B&N gift certificate or something. Or, name our next child after her. Something small like that. hahahaha. But I think that's how grateful we will be for a night on our own. (As usual, but a bit more so tonight, my grammar sucks. sorry.)

Back to Friday. When we got home from our walk we had a big freaking poop show and then I promptly put the kids to bed. I won't go into details but it involved James' first accident and some sliding. Use your imagination and don't forget to imagine me yelling like a nutjob for James to just GET IN THE TUB. Patrick finally got home at around midnight after a long day of travel and I just barely woke up to kiss him.

Saturday morning we both got up with the kids around 7:30. It was so fun to have the daddy back home. Yayayayayayay! I departed around 10 with plans to meet them after lunch for some outdoor time. Patrick fell into the nap trap...Ruby then James then Ruby...and didn't call me to meet them until almost 5. I can't say that I minded. The time alone was like Tylenol for my aching head. I hit the thrift, went to Borders for coffee & magazines, went for a walk, and then did some regular retail shopping. My biggest complaint lately? (aside from all the other stuff I complain about) My bras. Oh, how I loathe nursing bras. I am thrilled to still be nursing little Ruby, but the bras have got to go. I finally bought 2 regular bras and it made me SO HAPPY. I didn't spend a lot because I knew they'd get stretched with the tugging I will do but they are a lot better. I cannot wait for when I am done nursing (only for the bra problem)...I swear I'm going to go out and spend whatever it takes to get the CADILLAC of bras. I deserve it. (sorry, Dad.)

So, my new bras and I met Patrick and the kids for a picnic dinner and playtime. After we got home and got them to bed we watched Lost. It was so nice.

This morning we got up and decided to go to the 11:00 church service and to Devil's Lake afterwards. We ran around like crazy getting ready and managed to make it on time. The kids both did well and we really enjoyed the service. Our pastor was talking about the Samaritan and how we need to show our faith through DOing not talking. Patrick whispered that he had something I could do. Nice. In church! hahaha. But it was a really good sermon. I love that church and am so so so happy to be a part of it.

We stopped at Patrick's office after church to change clothes and eat lunch. Then we left for the lake. One hour later we were standing amidst swarms of just hatched lake flies. It was so disgusting...the beach was empty and people were coming off of our favorite path gagging. Thank God there was a wind or it would have been even worse. We did walk around for a while...away from the water they weren't as bad. Not quite what we imagined, though. ha! We had a snack in the mini and left. We made one more stop at Dr. Evermor's Forevertron.

I had heard about this place and always wanted to stop but never had. Mamamilkers left a comment here about it a while ago so I decided today was the day. It is an amazing place. Dr. Evermor was kind of crabby today so they decided to close early. (I overheard this tidbit...he seemed nice to me...gave us a wave when we drove in.) I know we'll be back there again this summer...James was just walking around with his mouth open. It's a lot to take in. And then, on the way out, we drove past a 3 foot snake. That was pretty cool, too.

Ruby freaked out on the way home and finally calmed down after I crawled in the back to entertain her. I was carsick and delirious by the time we reached our house and was laughing hysterically about the big pot of nothing warming on the stove. (no groceries here, folks) Patrick created some spaghetti sauce out of who knows what and we had a pretty tasty meal.

Before I forget...I also tried a LaraBar today. I had picked up a couple at Trader Joe's last weekend and finally got around to having one for breakfast this morning. I really liked it...I had the Cherry Pie flavor. James said, "This is, um, solid." HAHAHAHA Patrick didn't really like it, either. I can't wait to try the other flavors.


  1. Oooooo, I'm so glad you went there! How fun! It sounds like you had an awesome weekend.

    Oh, and some planning is in the works for the girls and I to be back in WI for TWO EXTRA WEEKS this summer, so maybe we'll get to hang out a bit? That would be so fun!

  2. Yes, I would love that!! :) I can't wait to meet you & your girls.


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