chicken veggie soup & sweet potato fries

I was unprepared for dinner last night so I had to work with what is on hand. Now, if I had a fully stocked pantry like Cooking Light and Real Simple recommend this would have been a lot easier. But, I don't. I have 2 small children, instead, and considered myself fairly lucky to have picked up a bag of these at Target last week. This is the 2nd bag of the Archer Farms frozen veggies that I've had and both have been really, really good. I sauteed the ones last night and had steamed the previous bag. The microwave steaming did not leave them mushy like the Birds' Eye Corn on the Cob that we've tried. (twice.)

I defrosted 2 C chicken broth, added 1 C of cooked chicken (also in the freezer), cooked up some Instant Brown Minute Rice and added 1 C of that, and sauteed the veggies and threw them all in at the end. This Southwestern blend had big chunks of pineapple (about 7 or 8) that smelled good but didn't mix well in a soup so I just plucked them out. The flavor on the vegetables was really good and seasoned the whole soup. Next time I make this I'll use 3 C of broth.

This was also the second time I've made Sweet Potato Fries. The first time I nearly burnt all of them so I paid closer attention last night. One large potato made all shown and I tossed them in olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt before baking for about 30 min at 350. I noticed that as soon as I started to really smell them, they were done. James, Ruby & I all love these. They don't get super crispy (unless you burn them) but they have a nice texture and the toasty outside tastes really good with the sweet & soft inside.


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