coming clean

I did leave one thing out when I told you about our day yesterday...I had to email my friends and cancel our playgroup that was scheduled for our house today. It was just too messy! I was getting stressed out yesterday afternoon and just decided to nix it and see if anyone wanted to meet at a park. A little messy would have been (and has been) fine but we're talking no clean silverware messy, if you know what I mean.

Thankfully, the weather agreed with us and we had a great morning at one of my favorite parks in Madison, Olin Park. 6 of us showed up and one made a big announcement...she's pregnant with #3! Wow! Another is pregnant with twins, so she will be the first to actually have 3 kids, but H is the first to intentionally get knocked up for a third time. :) Our little group is getting so big...there are now 5 babies due this summer and fall and the total count will be at 20 tots once they are all here. I think we may need to start renting space for playgroups.

We had a really nice morning and a pretty good afternoon, too. Ruby only took one nap today but didn't get too crabby. She was sleeping by tired little bubles. I got a lot of the kitchen cleaned up (we did end up picking up the rest last night) and made roasted asparagus (delicious) and pancakes for dinner. Kind of an odd combination but it was really good and really all I had on hand to make. I think Patrick wants to watch a movie now but I have to figure out a grocery list first. blah blah blah, this is a very boring post.
The picture above was a highlight of the morning for James. Imagine activating 2 sinks at once! A few more pics here.


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