friday favorite

This is one of my favorite thrift scores ever. I got it at a little antique store in Madison for a mere $20. I had it in storage for years waiting for that glorious day when we'd have a home and a wall to hang it on.

It's big - maybe 3'x4' - and heavy. The back is metal. I guess this was used as protection for your floors under a wood stove. I love the black lettering and the beautiful color of the old walnut wood.


  1. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog! This is a great find and only $20?! Wow!

    Your little girl is so adorable! And quite the climber! :)


  2. by the way, i taught her to shop............:)

  3. hahaha, I suppose so.

    I taught you to sTop. HAHAHAHAHAA.


  4. Love the wall hanging! Too cool!


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