friday favorite

One of my favorite collections are these vintage glasses. I have displayed in my kitchen and they make me happy every time I glance up at them.
The one with the blue girl on is is the only one that isn't vintage. My cousin Sarah gave it to me for my birthday one year and it inspired me to go to college. It says, "Smart Women Thirst For Knowledge." :) I did enroll in school after that and had just finished my Associates of Science when James was born. I really want to go back someday but now I will SO be that non-traditional student that raises their hand for every question. hahahaha! Actually, I don't think so. I will probably be too tired to care as much.
So, yeah. I love these glasses and looking at them makes me want to go browse around a flea market. (even though almost all of these were found at garage & estate sales...and a couple at dig & save back in the good old days)


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