good morning

Have a happy Thursday! I am hoping to meet up with Kate today but haven't talked with her yet. I have been so tired this week and just doing the bare minimum besides the kids to avoid frustration. Oh yeah, except for that 2 hour trip to the grocery store yesterday. That was fun! ha. I think the last couple weeks wiped me out. First they were both sick then Patrick was gone and now Ruby's had a few long nights in a row. I'm just tired! I have been feeling so blah and I know that's why. (and the weather. argh. but it improves tomorrow, I think.)

Ruby had a rough time for a while last night. She slept from 7:30-10:00 and then was up until almost midnight, pretty much nursing the whole time. I finally pried her off of me and Patrick got her to sleep. Then she was up at 4:00 for a quick snack and now she's still asleep. I remember James was sleeping consistently through the night (for about 11-12 hours) right after he turned one. I wonder if miss bubles will do the same? I'm sure not the same but I hope similar.

I took the above picture of James yesterday when we stopped at a playground for a while. It's slightly out of focus but I really thought it was cute. He is not really into pictures these days so I have to take what I can get. He would much rather profess his love, which I will post more about later. Anyways, we had fun running around even though it was pretty cold. Ruby was sleeping in the van and of course the sirens went off at noon, along with the bells from the church we were parked next to, and woke her up. There are a few more pictures here including some cute ones of them playing in James' bedroom yesterday afternoon.
I just love this one of miss ruby. Look at that tiny little pink face. xoxo


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