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I found this blog a while ago, Rudderless, and Loving It, and have been enjoying it ever since. It's written by a couple who live in the Keys and are restoring a boat so they can live on it with their 14 month (?) old daugther, Sophie. I believe they were living on a different boat when she was born! Wow. Can you imagine?

I just woke up & can barely compose a coherent sentence. Just go read it. :) I love the post she wrote today about all of Sophie's "Untoys." She writes beautifully about her daughter and it really reminds me of all the simple fun time I had with James when he was a baby/toddler. Ruby gets that in bits & pieces...it's different with #2 in a lot of ways. But, she has James and I think that more than makes up for anything else.
(or, at least I hope it does. hahaha)


  1. Rudderless and loving it is adorable. I read about little Sophie between patients all day yesterday. It is like reading People magazine without all the smut! I love being able to peek into other people's lives. Thank you for introducing me to the wide world of blogs Steph. I was very interested with Ellen's ideas for reducing baby's carbon footprint. Whole Foods has a great little magazine/coupon book right now with similar suggestions.

  2. Okay, listen. Little Sophie may be cute but there is a little Ruby RIGHT HERE, Sarah.

    HAHAHAHA. Kidding. I am glad you love blogs - isn't it so fun? Some of them are just perfect. There is a whole blog dedicated just to Sophie - The Grummy Files. I link to it and so does Rudderless, of course.

    I liked that carbon one, too. I want to go through their archives more...I find them fascinating. xoxo

    p.s. will check for whole foods booklet next time we are there. thanks.

    If I want to reduce our footprint do I have to return the new legos I bought James today? crap.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Stephanie! btw- did you name her Ruby after you saw her gorgeous hair?

  4. Nope. We were going to scratch the name if she came out a red head (too cheesy) but by the time she arrived she was already Ruby to all of us. (wuby to james)


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