just a few pics

I don't have much time to write these last couple days and it's bothering me! But, we are having a good day and that is most important right now, right? Right. :)

Ruby isn't as crabby today. I took the toothy pic yesterday and haven't been able to get back in there today yet to see the progress.

I had been nervous about bringing her crabby little self to Titus but shouldn't have wasted my time. Why do I worry? This is something I am continually learning and being reminded of. If & when I pray about stuff I need to relax and know that whatever happens will be what was supposed to. Ruby was in a good mood this morning and both her & James did great at church. She was sleeping in a little crib when James & I went into get her and we just stood there together and looked down at her. After a couple seconds James said, "I just love our Ruby."

Titus was great. I would like to write more about it at another time because it was kind of meant for me today. (Is it any wonder why our morning went so smoothly and we made it there?)

Okay. James won't stop talking to me so I better go give him a kick some attention. (The adorable hat Ruby is wearing was a thrift score from Gramma.)


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