make like a dryer

and vent.

Patrick is out of town. He left yesterday and won't be home until Friday night. He hates to go almost as much as I hate to have him go and this time is especially hard. I really miss him. sniff. 12 years of marriage and I still love him a little mower every day. Thank you, Lord.

Yesterday was a really good day. Ruby was super strange and fussy but we were at the park with Kate & Natalie for over 2 hours and she was pretty happy in the backpack with a couple small breaks. Dinnertime was hectic and bathtime was a nightmare but bedtime went pretty well and they were both asleep by 8pm.

This morning, James woke up at 6am. That's about 1-2 hours early for him. Ahem. Maybe you didn't get the memo, James, but this is supposed to be my time. And he was horribly crabby, just like I am when I wake up too early. He said he missed Patrick, though, so how could I be mad? (just a little pouty) But when Ruby woke up and she was still in an awful mood, that put me very close to the edge. (think 2 children crying loudly at the same time over earth shattering events like HE TOUCHED MY ARM and I WANT 3 SAUSAGE NOT 2) Her top teeth are big, people, and I am thinking they really hurt. I can see the right one a lot more this morning so I know they are pushing on through. When she went down for her nap (only an hour after waking) I put James in an unheard of morning quiet time. I did this in an effort to preserve & protect his young life.

I have since started some laundry, which was threatening to overtake the basement, and made coffee. I feel better already. I need to spend a little time in prayer...more than the "please forgive me for just thinking that about my own flesh and blood" prayers that I've already prayed...and then I'm going to take a shower and get ready so when Ruby wakes up we can get out of here for a while. It's a grey and chilly day but it looks like the sun might poke through later. I know this is a painfully obvious avoidance tactic (or something...Sarah? Mom?) but the thrift store sounds mighty good right about now.



  2. There is nothing like a little thrifty therapy. Think how much cheaper it is then seeing a shrink! I love the photo taken in the mirror used to prevent shoplifting. That mirror proves that we are not the only ones who love second-hand. Sorry I've been gone for so long, but reading blogs is so addictive!

  3. Hi Sarah, I'm happy to hear from you whenever you get a chance...I totally understand. xoxo


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