me, too

Shortly after I posted on Friday, Ruby let it be known that she was also not feeling well. She seems to have a milder case than James and so far, Patrick and I are still on Team Healthy.
I feel bad for saying James was a whiner that morning. But he was! But, to his credit, that eased up after he kept a little food in him. He has mainly been such a sweetheart during all of this. His poor body is just tiny and weak. :(
Here are a few pictures from Friday afternoon and Saturday. (Flickr is a lot of work so I haven't labeled them or tagged many of them. Still on the fence about them.) They were both feeling pretty good on Saturday, but still having the occasional symptom...if you know what I mean. We had a really nice walk together and it was good to get out.
I'm finishing this up Sunday night and now it's movie time for Patrick & I. More tomorrow!


  1. i just want to kiss her little face. poor baby, dramma loves you

  2. I know. :( Isn't she cute even while miserable?


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