okay, stop growing up please you're freaking me out

First, my little brother started his own business. With business cards. Nice ones.

Thomas is one of the funniest & smartest guys I know and also has a mean creative streak. He & his lovely girlfriend Erin just moved to the Twin Cities and seem so happy. I am very proud of him and get a little teary when I think about him being such a man now. I also get teary when he tells me he doesn't remember me when he was a child, but that is another post. hahahaha.

Then there's my sister. She just bought her first house! She found it on Saturday and bought it on Monday, all by herself. I am so proud of her and so happy for her. And, it's just adorable. It's an older home with amazing woodwork, cabinetry, windows, original wainscoting, mature trees and on and on. It's all I can do to not get on a plane this weekend.


  1. Hi, anonymous is synonymous with your cousin Sarah. If you read this Annie, it looks so adorable in the pictures! I want to plan a trip to come and visit you, finally! and see your new home. Congratulations!

  2. this house must have come from the andrealeestore,hmmmm? We are SO happy......time to do a happy dance James!!!!

  3. yeah, maybe. Or else from JESUS.




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