RAST Test Results - Good News & More Good News

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The good news is that James is not allergic to pecans, walnuts, almonds (knew this), hazlenuts, pistachios, or cashews. I have been wanting to add some more nuts into his life and now I know that I can...as long as I can find some brands of each that are peanut-free.

The other good news is that, while he didn't outgrow eggs or peanuts, his numbers all went down again this year. There was a mix up and they didn't test for dairy but that will hopefully be fixed tomorrow. (if they had enough blood left - here's hoping, for buddy's sake) I'm guessing the result will be the same, though, showing a nice decrease. His highest allergy is still egg whites, at the moderate level, and egg yolk & peanut are on the line between low and moderate.

NOTE TO FAMILY MEMBERS WHO WANT TO FEED HIM STUFF: Just because an allergy is classified at a LOW level does NOT mean that it cannot be life threatening. We need to continue total avoidance of these foods. Okay? Thanks.

But, that being said, this really is great news. It follows along with what our allergist said last year...that we're seeing a very good trend pointing to a very good chance that he will outgrow these in the next couple of years. Praise God!

I'm going to list his test results from the last 3 years (4 tests, total) in case anyone finds this post through a search and is curious. I also want to have a record for ourselves. (It makes me really happy to see this) (All numbers are in kU/L)

06/2004 P: 7.76 M: 8.7 S: 8.9 E: 8.0
05/2005 P: 3.2 M: 12.4 S: .47 E: (w) 12.8 E: (y) 2.8
03/2006 P: 1.2 M: 1.3 S: neg E: (w) 4.64 E: (y) 1.36
04/2007 P: .7 M: 1.3 S: neg E: (w) 3.07 E: (y) .71


  1. Good job sweetheart....gramma

  2. Updated to add the milk result...same as last year. :)


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