Resurrection Sunday

I love our church. The sermon yesterday was was about our Easter traditions and where they all come from and how they became part of this day formerly known as Resurrection Sunday. And then, of course, he spoke about the Resurrection and God piling all of our sins on He was the only one who could pay for them. It was really powerful and sweet at the same time.

I wish we still called it Resurrection Sunday. I think next year we're going to do the traditional Easter "fun stuff" on a different spring weekend so Easter Sunday can just be a really special day that we can teach the kids about more as they get older. I don't want this day to be all about eggs, even though that stuff is a lot of fun.

My mom has a hard time believing that our church feels like a "real" church because we attend the "video cafe" service where they serve coffee. (coffee! can you believe it?) I snuck my camera in yesterday and took a few pics so she (and whoever else) could get a better idea of how it looks. I wasn't trying to be artsy with the blurriness...I just didn't use the flash. This is the screen where we watch the Pastor give his sermon. (taped at 8am)

Good coffee, not inhibiting worship in any way, just being good coffee.

Daddy & Bubles after church:

Side note: I did post some pics of our egg coloring & hunting yesterday morning at flickr. I'm not sure if I'll continue using flickr or not. It is an awesome site, though, and totally addictive. You can find pictures of practically anything you want.

(Sarah, whatever you do, don't click here.)


  1. Hey,
    your church sounds a lot like ours and looks a lot like ours! We have a coffee bar and power point and I feel I can attend so much better with all the visuals and I understand the message a lot better too. And a nice little java is a nice treat/blessing!!

  2. Yay! You understand! :) It is a nice little treat, isn't it?

    I love our church, too. All the "activity" is helful for me, too.

  3. You dirty dog, how could you tempt my like that? I'm going to be here all night!


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