solo saturday

I started this long, boring post about our day but deleted it. This is all you need to know: It's a good day. :)

More importantly, I had another fun day on Saturday. It may be my last solo Saturday for a while (2 weeks) so I had to make it last. My Dad will probably be here next weekend and there are fun indoor activities the next 2 Saturdays that we want to do as a family.

I didn't head out until around 11:00am. I grabbed a cup of coffee before I left and headed east to SVDP first. I spent $1.75 there on an activity book (sorry, Jolee, none for Mason - of course! grrrr.) and, my favorite, an old Cordomatic Clothesline new in the box. It's just like this one only aluminum. I just love it and am still deciding where to hang it. This is one of my favorite kind of old things that you can actually USE.

After SVDP I went to a little antiques store at the end of the block, Pick More Daisies. They were having an Easter sale but I didn't find anything I needed. I did like these blue glasses. And there were 2 floral prints on the wall that I LOVED but they were $28 each and I didn't feel like blowing that much cash on them. I was going to take a picture to show you all but the woman wouldn't go away!!

Next I headed to the Co Op for some of James' yogurt & cheese. I picked up a piece of quiche for lunch and ate it in their deli area. It was really good. I love quiche. I can't wait until I can make it for breakfast someday.

I bet you can't guess where I went next. Am I that predictable? Pretty much. D&S it was! I found a few cute things but mainly just enjoyed the hunt. You never know what you might find here. I managed to snag a pair of red capris that will probably be favorites this spring. They had some stains on them but now that I use OXI CLEAN spray that doesn't worry me. (It gets out almost anything, I tell you, anything!) And they did come clean and I love them! I also got James a jet t-shirt: myself a polka dot hair scarf:and a couple small things to sell on Ebay. One of my favorite finds was this little embroidered blue bird: It's on a bigger piece but this is all that is salvageable and I'm going to frame it. So sweet. My grand total here was $2.25. And, just to get your hearts pounding:

A few cool things from the back of the house: A decal on an old wooden high chair:

And an old school cooler: This I would have bought if it would have been in slightly better condition. (Inside was gross)

After D&S I stopped by a favorite spot to snap a picture. I am dying to go here again but must wait until I can go with my mom. Patrick loves it but doesn't understand the LOVE, if you know what I mean, it's just another breakfast spot to him. Whatever.

From here I resumed my wifely duties and went to Whole Foods & Cub for groceries. When I got home Patrick & the kids were gone so I had the house to myself for an hour or so - an added treat! How lovely to put groceries away without stepping over & on kids.


  1. I have intentionally kept myself away all week in an attempt to improve work productivity and not wait until I am tired in the evening to read my Bible! I had to check out your week today. I am so glad you guys found a church you like. Did you buy the highchair with the doggy decal? Do you think it meets safety standards? I love stuff like that.
    I'm glad I looked at your blog today, because I've been a little irregular and am now good to go, if you know what I mean. Target always does that to my sisters and I. Luv you. Praying you don't get sick.

  2. I've missed you Sarah! But I undestand. This whole blog thing can take over your life if you let it. Not that I've experienced that or anything. :)

    I didn't buy the highchair - it was definitely not up to code. Although, for a second child it would probably be fine. ahahhaha. But really, the decal was the best part.

    I have meaning to blog about the target/poop phenomenon. Many people experience this in one form or another. Glad I can be there for you.

    See, Lord, it's not just entertainment! HAHAHAHAHAHA. xoxoxoxoxox


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