Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This tackle was a long time coming, folks! I did most of it last Monday but have been doing bits & pieces ever since and am so happy.

We have a tri-level (with a full basement) but the 3rd level, or lower level, is still unfinished. If I ever build a home again, especially if I have small children, I would pay the builder to finish it. Once you are in your home there are 1,000,000 other things you want to do and for us, this one is just not getting done. Now that we have a little cash on our hands, the weather is nice and all I want is a fenced in back yard. See? The lower level is on hold for another year. So be it.

The problem is...it's a big space! And James loves to play down here but me, not so much. It's kind of dark and chilly and I get a little bored, to be honest. It seemed like a shame that all of this was just kind of wasted so I tried to figure out what wasn't working for me and if I could fix it.

  1. Dark - This was pretty easy. I brought down a couple lamps and switched out the curtains. They are still a darker curtain but are easier to open and I just like them a lot more.

  2. Chilly - The main thing here was the floor. I got 4 indoor/outdoor rugs at Menards for $10 each. They cover the central part of floor and make crawling around nicer for Ruby & James. (and us!) When the day comes that we do carpet, these rugs can be moved down to the basement or garage or wherever we want them.

  3. Bored - One nice thing is that I am close to the basement here...the basement contains an endless supply of projects, including laundry. I can fold laundry and stack it on the bed while the kids play. As you can see, Patrick also moved the computer up from the basement. James & Ruby don't allow too much computer time while they are around but it's nice to have it here for quick checks. Our treadmill is also right here and now I can watch Survivor online while I walk. Cool! (Have I done this yet? No, but never mind. :)

I was particularly happy with the "table" I made over in the corner. The base consists of 4 totes where I am storing our sleeping bags and extra linens for down here. The top is an extra piece of pegboard that I covered with one of those MatchBox activity mats. Now James has a place to paint or do play doh where Ruby can't reach.

I took the pictures last week and there have been a few changes...I now have the curtains on all the windows and our futon is now in front of the treadmill. We are using the space a lot more in the last week and I love having another area indoors to bring the kidlets. (Sometimes just moving upstairs or downstairs can shift all of our moods.) The race car toddler bed will be going on Craigslist soon but right now it's acting as a baby gate...Ruby can't climb over the sides yet. James also likes to play in it so we'll keep it around until she starts scaling.

Did you notice that white basket filled with stuff? That is my tackle for this next week. It's full of random stuff that needs to be put away somewhere else. I have about 4 of these piles now throughout my house. :) Happy Tackling!

Back Right Corner After
Back Left Corner BeforeBack Left Corner After
Front Left Corner Before

Front Left Corner After
Front Right Corner After


  1. That looks GREAT! my kids would love to play there!

  2. I bet your little guy loves his new space!

  3. Thank you for coming to peek! :)

  4. ahh, the basement. i've never had one but my Ohio born honey always talks about them.

    great work!!


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