that's all I'll say right now.

let's be thankful for a minute...maybe this will help.

good things:

It's Friday
Patrick thanked me last night for taking care of our kids - says he knows how hard it must be
(damn right) whoops, thankful time!
Ruby is taking a good nap
Laundry is mostly caught up
Spaghetti for dinner - easy
It's sunny

My list of everything that's bugging me today would be infinitely longer. I'll just keep it to myself. For now. haha.

Breath, Stephanie. My latest mantra is "this too shall pass."

This time is just flying by and when I stop for a minute and really think...I am so thankful and so blessed. Ruby will not always be taking 2 naps a day. Her only taking one will mean she's a bigger girl, and that is kind of sad. It will not always be 10-15 degrees below seasonal temps. Warmer weather will mean grass to mow. (okay, that one was a stretch.) James will not always be home with me every morning. Next fall he will be in someone else's care 2 mornings a week. Honestly, I say, BRING IT ON. But it will also be a big milestone...he will no longer be only ours. That's kind of sad, too. I will not always have to feed the kids dinner by myself at 5:00. Eating later will mean that they are both up later, right? I do miss our family meals but they will resume, I have to remember that. They will not always be such little demanding pigs at meal time. Oh wait, maybe they will. hahaha. Actually, it means they're eating and that is a good thing.

Okay, I feel slightly better. This has really been a stream of consciousness post. I just wish I was all showered and ready to go out for even an hour. Off to do that!


  1. being the mothership isn't easy....I love you,
    your mothership

  2. My mom (later) pointed out that I spelled Breathe wrong. So sue me, sometimes I forget to spell check and sometimes I don't even kare.


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