thank God for Tide

Our little buddy is not much better today. We brought him in this morning due to some scary excretions but he is only teetering on the verge of dehydration, not there yet. I guess they wait until bone-dryness sets in before intervening. haha. I don't want him in the hospital, though, so I am happy we are back at home, really. I cannot bring myself to write about what is coming out of him but the important thing is that he's still keeping a little bit of liquid in.

I had to tell my Dad it wouldn't really be a good weekend to visit. :( I remember the last time James was this sick was 2 years ago, December. We had just moved into our new house, Patrick was in Europe for work, Christmas was less than 2 weeks away and my whole family was going to be coming to visit. James got deathly ill first, and then I did. The miracle was that the worst of my illness happened right when he was starting to get better and it all happened in the middle of the night one night. James slept through it all. What a blessing! Puking on my new Shabby Chic shower curtain, not so much of a blessing. Not having a toddler playing in it, huge blessing. hahaha. Anyways, Patrick returned, got sick himself and got better all before my family arrived. But, the virus must have still been lurking as I think every one of them got sick after they left. Oh, the guilt! Moral of the story? No guests this weekend.

Thanks for your prayers, you guys. xoxo


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