I could just go on and on about nothing today. Well, not nothing, but a lot of almost-nothing. So, I will. hahahha

Let's see. James - He has worn underwear for 5 days in a row, except at bedtime, and is doing great. Oh, wait. I put a pull up on him at Dig & Save because his innocent bum is just not ready to meet that toilet. Today, as a reward, he got the Mega Bloks (like Lego) Diego Rescue Center building set. He loves it and is very proud that he reached his goal. So far this potty training has cost us about $30. $20 today for Diego, $6 for a 6 pack of cars when we first started and $4 for Cars underwear. Jolee & Mason passed on a bunch of underwear so that's been really nice. (He likes Mason and is happy to wear his unders.) He is doing all acts on the potty which is good and bad. Of course I'm happy but I hate cleaning out the potty bowl. I am kicking myself for giving my mom all my Clorox wipes. hahaha - 4-0-mine just doesn't cut it when it comes to poop. (I have been meaning to post about that forever...will someday soon.) I think part of his success is that he can drop & go when he gets the urge so this has meant potty chair. I'm sure he will wean off of it eventually. (or bring it to college, as the joke goes) Overall, I am very happy and so glad I listened to my mom's advice to just wait until he was ready. HAHAHAHAHA. A good resource was The No-Cry Potty Training Solution. I started with the Beat Them Into Submission Potty Solution but James didn't respond as well as they said he would and my hand started to get sore.

Ruby. Okay, you saw her on the rocking chair. And trying for the kitchen chair. She is easy to stop now but I am very afraid. She popped her second bottom tooth and it hasn't bothered her very much at all. She HATES diaper changes. (I had to throw my leg over her body today so she wouldn't squirm away.) It's just awful. She signs all done now after she's done eating and wants to get out. It is the cutest thing. She also did a closed hand more (instead of the open clap) yesterday and is waving bye bye when she crawls away.

James' milk result came back with the same number as last year. I'm glad that it didn't go up at all and happy to continue on as we are going. For so long I have felt that James' food allergies have turned out to be a big blessing in our lives. As soon as he was eating mostly solids it was so important to me that we all ate the same thing at mealtime. I was worried at first that there would be nothing for me to cook for dinner and that worry led to lots of recipe hunting. This has since become one of my favorite past times...looking for recipes and cooking & baking. I imagine the day where I have no restrictions on what I can cook for dinner...what a treat! Of course, I'm afraid we'll all gain 30 pounds which leads me to my next thought.

Before I had James I had lots of ideas on how I wanted to care for him, with good, healthy food being a big one. Because of these allergies I've been almost forced to follow through on this. Now, don't get me wrong, the kid has had plenty of hot dogs, chips & cookies but for the most part he eats pretty well. We can't just order take out whenever we want, you know? That has saved us lots of money and more importantly, provided some good eating habits. (Of course, I still manage to get my daily allowance of crap but this post isn't about me.)

I don't want to make it sound like it's been easy or no big deal. (for that random reader who may find me) I was very sad & scared at first and it took a lot of praying, reading and talking to people before I started to feel a little more comfortable with the idea. Thank God there are so many resources out there.

I am really hoping that James will outgrow most, if not all, of his allergies by the time he goes to Kindergarten. Part of why I have such a high comfort level now is because he is with me all day! He will be in preschool in the fall, 2 mornings a week, and his school sounds like they will be very helpful & supportive of his restrictions.

Okay, geez, enough about that. What else? I made some great muffins, which I will post the recipe for later. We went to D&S yesterday just to get out. It was half price clothes day so it was pretty crazy but we were there about an hour. I found James a pair of shorts and he got a toy CB radio that he likes. Grand total: .48 . Nice. (Oh yeah, their misc. bin stuff went up to .35/lb! Can you believe it?!? Ruby can't.) Tonight is LOST night here. We hate watching it with commercials so Patrick always downloads the Wednesday episode on Thursday and we watch it that night. It's so much more suspenseful with no commercials...I really recommend it.

I feel like I got the kids out a lot this winter - even in the bitter cold. But now that it's so freezing after being so lovely - I hate the thought of bundling up and going out for a walk. sigh. I hope it returns to spring like temps again soon. We all have cabin fever and James passes the hours trying to escape.


  1. Wow, I NEED a Dig&Save here!! That place looks incredible! I'm wicked jealous.

  2. ps- I also love Lost. Moxie's Lost Talk is one of my favorite blogstops every week:


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