weekend wrap up

This is just a little wrap up of our lovely weekend. It's Sunday evening and I thought I would write this all out tonight while I have a little time. I've promised myself to be off the computer by 9pm and it's 8:11 now. (in case you were wondering)

Let's see. Well, we finally got out of the house on Friday at about 4pm. We went to Target to get fluorescent bulbs and some other stuff and then were going to meet Patrick at 5:30 at Chin's. There was this big mix up while this boy was ringing up my items and he had to re-ring them 3 times on 2 different registers and it still wasn't working. While we were waiting I had to 1. Take James to the bathroom 2. Adjust James' penis because it hurt and 3. Shake my head in wonder that I had just stuck my hand down my son's pants at Target. At 5:40 I said I couldn't wait any longer and left my stuff at the service desk to pick up later. (Yeah, like that happened.) I normally would have called Patrick but the genius he had left his phone at home that morning. You know what that means? I had the Krazr alllll day! It was krazy! I called him on his landline at work and loved asking him to ring me back on the Krazr. hahahhahahahahaha. But back to Target, sorry to leave you hanging, I don't have my bulbs and I keep going into the drawer to get the foil that was this close to being mine. Bummer.

We finally met Patrick for dinner. My favorite 10 Indgredient Fried Rice was bland. James wasn't feeling good and didn't want his food and wanted to sit on my lap while I ate. Patrick didn't want Chin's at all so he got Chipotle from next door and Ruby only wanted Patrick. It was super fun.

After dinner we went to Elver Park to go for a walk. James perked up and said he wanted to play so we just hung out and had a nice time. It was a beautiful evening and it felt so good to be doing something that we love.

I fell asleep so happy on Friday night. Patrick and I had laid in bed and made all these plans for Saturday morning. We'd leave as soon as the kids got up, go to Lazy Jane's for breakfast, go look at fences, visit the thrift store and go for a walk. Most of you know I am normally ready for some alone time by Saturday but I was really looking forward to this. How could I have been so stupid, breaking my own rule? OF COURSE the children slept in and OF COURSE Ruby was so ready for a nap before we were ready to finally leave that we just had to put her down. So, down she went and I ended up taking James so Patrick could start mowing the lawn.

I haven't had any time alone with James, outside of the house, for so long! I had forgotten how fun it was. Plus, and this may sound awful to you unless you have a very active 3 year old, he was still feeling a little tired and this made him even that much more enjoyable. haha. We first stopped for Pop Tarts & gas and then made our way to Madison for the Farmer's Market. It is still too early for most produce but it was fun to walk and just be around all the people. We also went inside the Capitol for the first time. I can't believe I've lived here almost 9 years and had never been in. It is gorgeous and a really neat place to poke around. (I wanted to take this coat rack home but couldn't figure out how.)

After we left the Capitol we headed for a great store on the square, Capital Kids. James had so much fun playing with all the stuff they have out and I had a hard time not buying all the Tea Collection stuff for miss rubles. I swear my milk let down as I was looking at it. If she was walking already I might have splurged on a little dress but I held off. I checked their website to show you but they only have their dressier stuff on there. They also have a whole line of mix & match soft pants, dresses, and shirts in these wonderful, almost vintage looking, prints. It reminds me of the Hannah Anderson stuff, only cuter and less expensive. But anyways! Back to James & I...

I finally dragged him out of the toy store and we headed to the east side to get some lunch at the coop and hit my toy store, SVDP. We got some fabulous ham (seriously considering switching to all local meats) and yogurt and sat outside and ate, again with him on my lap. We were only in SVDP for a little while...I found the cutest pan that makes 12 mini-donut size bundt cakes. I can't wait to try it.

I have to speed things up. It's 8:53. Time flies when you're blogging!

Then we met Patrick and Ruby and played at a playground. Then Patrick took James home to nap and finish lawn. I took Ruby to D&S for just a little while and then we went home for spaghetti dinner. End.

Sunday. Kids still too snotty for church nursery. Went for long walk on bike trail near home. James ran (this kid has soooooo much energy it amazes & terrifies me) a long ways and then found spot on bottom of single stroller. Ruby loved the ride, then fell asleep. Came home, had lunch, other 3 in family napped and I cleaned the basement. They got up, I put away 400 tons of laundry. Patrick measured yard. We went to New Glarus for dinner at Culvers and playground time. Fun. Beautiful out. Had single scoop turtle sundae. Delicious. Patrick threatened to take away camera. Took it away. I will not rest until I have it back. Lots more pictures on Flickr. 8:59 - wooohoooooo!


  1. Oh, this has made me crave a New Glarus Spotted Cow and some frozen custard . . mmm . . .

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Spotted Cow is one of my favorites!! We'll have to have one while you're here. :)


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