works-for-me wednesday - smoothies

Wow! My first EVER Works-For-Me Wednesday - how exciting! :) What works for me? Smoothies, that's what. And, in particular, recycled smoothies.

My son is a big yogurt fan but sometimes his eyes are bigger than his stomach. Instead of ditching that leftover 1/4 cup of pricey soy yogurt & fresh fruit, I pop it in an ice cube tray and freeze it. (I also do this with any fruits on the verge of being overripe.) When it's time to make a smoothie - a favorite around here - I just add some fresh yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, some soy milk or OJ, and a couple of my cubes and blend. A good way to reduce waste and recycle something headed for the disposal!

If you're looking for some good smoothie recipes, I like this book. I'm also looking forward to trying one of these soon...spinach in a smoothie...who knew?!

For many more Works For Me Wednesday posts check out Rocks in My Dryer. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this idea! The Boy rarely finishes a whole container of yogurt either (often because he just gets distracted!). I'm going to have to invest in some ice cube trays and try this out!

  2. Welcome to WFMW!!!!
    Great tip....Now I am going to sign up for that coffee creamer below.


  3. We are big smoothie eaters/drinkers around here as well. Thanks for the ice cube tip!

  4. i'm totally with you on the smoothie. ever since i started working from home and actually had time for breakfast, this has started my every morning.

  5. Now this is a great idea! I also have a little one who loves (hideously expensive) soy yogurt and often only eats about half a carton at a time.



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