Not much to report today. Just the

  • James potty report: 2x at the McDonald's play place this morning (yes, I'm desperate for fun outside of house)
  • Ruby nose report: still runny, but clear
  • Ruby teeth report: no new ones
  • House report: messy
  • Patrick report: good, may be getting a cold
  • Fence report: seeking approval for a 6' semi-private fence from builder - yay!
  • Book report: I've spent the last hour searching B&N and requesting new books from the library - so many fun cookbooks coming out!
  • Laundry report: caught up A-mazing!
  • James blood draw report: went well, hope to get RAST results by end of week
  • blog idea report: still have to post about our sat/sun up north, how I was grouchy the other morning and opened up my devotional book and the devotion was about complaining, and um, I guess that's it
  • coffee report: HAVE NOT HAD ANY AT 2:16 pm CST. Going to make some now. xo


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