yup, it got better

I have some cute pictures but blogger is being a booger tonight.

My day got a lot better. James & I played blocks until Ruby woke up and then we all had some lunch and headed out into a rainy afternoon. (no sunshine to be found) We went to SVDP and I found a pair of shorts for myself for $2.50 and some black metal bookends for $.75. I had been wanting bookends so this made me very happy. James & Rubles were both really good and James added SVDP to his ever growing list of places he's marked.

I couldn't decide what to do next but both kids seemed sleepy so I just drove for a while. They fell asleep and I kept heading towards home, finally pulling into our garage at about 3:00pm. They slept peacefully in the van until 4pm. An hour alone - glorious! That's when I checked my email & blog and saw that the lovely Linda at Ribbon Rock Star awarded me a Thinking Blogger Award. She said some of the nicest things about me and it really made my day...wow, someone, other than my family, really likes my blog! And even better, it's someone who I think has a really fun blog herself...kinda makes me feel like one of the cool kids for the day. ;) I get to pass this honor on now and will do so tomorrow. Thank you, Linda!

I will try my pics again tomorrow. I am sleepy now. I have Titus tomorrow if all goes well. It's been ages since I've seen my flockers!



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