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reading & eating

birthday (not so much a) picnic

happy birthday, bunny


pillow talk

BlogHer anyone?

chow down, girl

ruby's tuesday

river rock, we love you


monona terrace collage

the road to a friend's house is never long

good morning, tuesday

ruby's tuesday

MIA this week

friday favorite

Formula 4 0 mine


good stuff

not a whole lot to say - very busy

this is what the end of my day looked like

my mother was (choke) right

ruby at 12 months

up north

this is REALLY ruby's tuesday

to all of my friends & family...


I am such an addict

so much to do today!

the new normal

right back at ya, mom

7 in 11

just to tide you over...

now continued...

ruby's tuesday

cousin love

I broke 2 needles!

I sewed!

I am soooo excited!

hold she?

'member that fun friend?

sunday evening news...

this is what 15 minutes can do...

ruby ruby ruby ruby

go get it


restoration doesn't stop in the garage