7 in 11

I have 11 minutes to write down 7 things you may or may not know about me. Hmmm.

  1. I used to sell stuff on Ebay for my full time job. The postal workers were my best friends. Seriously. Working at home gets lonely.

  2. I cried like a baby when I broke my 4.0 in college with a grade of AB in Logical & Critical Thinking. I called Patrick at work and the guy who took the message thought someone had died. I was fine before too long...it was kind of liberating, actually.

  3. I am a wee bit hard on myself but don't usually realize it.

  4. If you make me laugh really hard I will probably love you forever. (funny people are one of my favorite things)

  5. One of my best days was the day I took off for Kansas by myself. (I went down to live by Patrick for his last 5 months in the Army.) There is something very liberating about taking off down the highway with all your stuff in the back of a '79 Celica.

  6. I have had my favorite hoodie for about 10 years and am finally easing up on it a little. (but I do still wear it A LOT)

  7. I just adore Tom Petty.

That was kind of hard! I have one minute left! I will be back later to tag unsuspecting innocents. Thanks, Linda...you can see her replies here. :)


  1. #8 I once killed an innocent squirrel and never looked back.

    I remember when you were really good friends with the postal workers, you've come a long way baby...friends all over the country.

  2. You will never forget the squirrel, will you? What should I have done...veered into the trees and killed us to save one disease ridden vermin? HAHAHAHAHAHA...I totally would have stopped for you to give it mouth to mouth.



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