birthday (not so much a) picnic

We met Patrick for lunch yesterday to celebrate his birthday. It was a moderate success except for the moldy buns and the fact that I didn't buy enough chicken. Sorry, bunny.
We had some friends over this morning and had a really nice time. Ruby has been sleeping for 3 hours (growth spurt?) and James has done a great job with his quiet time for an hour now. I have been relaxing with some lunch and laundry...sounds odd but I do love to pull dry laundry down off the's so easy to fold! Now I logged on and found out that my payment to flickr went through...I am now a "pro." All this means is that I can divide all my photos up into little albums like I could do for free on Yahoo. But, Yahoo is retiring come fall and this move was inevitable. I do like flickr and am happy to start organizing to my little heart's content. Off to do so!


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