If there is one thing I can't stand it's drinking water out of a plastic bottle or mug that tastes like dishsoap. YUCK! Same goes for just totally ruins it for me.

I had bought a couple nalgene bottles in the Dollar Spot at Target two summers ago (?) and they lasted for a long time (duh, about 2 years) without absorbing any odors. Until one day they didn't. And I had to recycle them. Now that the weather is warm I especially need to be able to bring some water along for me on our walks. Today I bought an Eddie Bauer nalgene bottle at Target for $5.40. A little more than a dollar but it should last for a while. (I'm going to be watching that Dollar Spot, though, to see if they get those in again.) If I like mine I will get one for Patrick and then I need to find a jumbo one that we can bring along to the lake and stuff. Maybe REI?

The other drink that I often transport is coffee. I discovered these a while back but I just can't justify them anymore, even though they are recyclable. And, the same holds true plastic insides! I wanted stainless and I wanted one of these (they are so cute!) but I looked at them at Whole Foods the other night and they didn't offer exactly what I needed. (I need a sip lid on my coffee mug!) Target came through for me again! I bought one of these today (for $3 less than Amazon) and I think it's going to be perfect. This is another thing I will buy for Patrick if it turns out to be worthy.

Having mugs & bottles that I enjoy using really save us a lot of money and is a lot better for the environment.

When I do want to blow a little cash, nothing beats a drive thru iced coffee. There is a local spot that I love, Cargo Coffee, but it isn't in a very central location. Then there is Starbucks, of course. Now, McDonalds has joined in with a new iced coffee for summertime. I tried the Hazlenut version today and it was really sweet but not so sweet that I didn't drink it. It's just nice to know it's available in case of a coffee emergency. (like I don't want to unbuckle my kids and drag them in somewhere)

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  1. excuse me, but Cargo is very close to good old D&S, so for you, it's fairly "central"........liar, liar
    much love......mama mowanza

  2. I know exactly what you mean about a drive-thru coffee emergency! I think those McD's ones actually look tempting, but I can't have milk so there goes it for me, unless they start offering a soy version? Hope hope.


  3. I did not know Mcdonalds had iced coffee?? I learn something new everyday. LOL


  4. HAHA mom. Why don't you just call me out to the whole internet! :)

    I only wish I was at D&S more so Cargo was a regular stop. (It is when I'm there!)

    Steph - I think they should have a soy version coffee AND soy milk for the kidlets! Maybe some day...

    Me, too, Linda. :)


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