cousin love

Two very exciting things are going on with 2 of my favorite cousins right now.

First of all, Kerri is ready to have her first baby boy any day. Eeeeeek!!! I heard through the family grapevine that she will be admitted Wed. night for induction if it doesn't happen before then. I hope she will go on her own before then but I know that induction is not the end of the world, either. In fact, it can seem like a miracle when all you want is to get that baby out! :) We will be praying for an uncomplicated labor & delivery for her. I am really hoping I can see the new little bundle before they head back home to Ely on Saturday.

And then there is Stacey who has created something that will be on my mind all day...

Those are RUBIES! I must at least have the earrings & hopefully the necklace. It is almost mother's day right?

But back to Stacey and her beautiful new website, Stacey Johnson Jewlery Design. Please go check it out...her work is just amazing. And you can know that you are buying from a warm, funny & creative woman who LOVES what she is doing. And she's my cousin - how lucky am I?! I have a couple of her pieces and adore them, you won't be disappointed. (obvious from the picture! I want that!)


  1. jewelry!!!!!
    I love her stuff....very pretty!


  2. Just think, our little Stacerooney.......good job honey, I'm so proud of you and happy for you, too.. Aunt sue

    P.S. Any minute now you will be an auntie, too!!!!

  3. Thanks for checking her out, Linda. I love it, too.


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