Formula 4 0 mine

Back in February I mixed up a little batch of what I like to call Formula 4 0 Mine. The recipe is not mine, however, I found it here. I used the last recipe, for Dishwasher Soap, but it didn't work for us...I think our water is too hard. Instead of throwing it away I diluted it and put it in a spray bottle. (shown) We've been using it ever since as an all purpose cleaner for bathroom, kitchen and even poured it in an empty Swiffer bottle (cut hole in the bottom) to use on the kitchen floor. It works and smells great. I ran out this morning so I might hunt for a new recipe, or just use less soap, as this one requires a little rinsing. (fine for countertops, a pain for the floor) I also added a couple drops of Orange Essential Oil and today I'm going to try it with lime juice as that's all I have on hand. I hated the thought of Rubles crawling around on a floor cleaned with chemicals...this was a great solution.

Around the same time I made some baby wipes that I loved. I used a small amount of the Trader Joe's castile soap and Olive Oil. They also smelled great and were very gentle on Ruby's bum. I just hated sawing the freaking paper towels in half...not an easy I never did it again. I still should have Patrick cut me some with his table saw.

Has anyone else whipped up some cleaners that they particularly liked? Please share. :)


  1. I may have to try the 4 0 mine recipe!


  2. I use a combo of water, Dr. Bronners, borax and vinegar. It's great!

  3. mm - Is Dr. Bronners really all that? ;) Do you use it for everything? I've heard good stuff but never from a real person. I'd love to hear more. (hint hint) heehee

  4. I like Dr. Bronner's in babywipes solution- just a tiny bit. I add calendula oil (just a tiny bit). If you hate the paper towels, you might try some inexpensive baby washcloths and then throw them in the washing machine!

  5. oh ellen, I should have known I could count on you to point out what I had been avoiding. The most economically & environmentally sound option...the washcloth.

    grumble, grumble but thank you. I got some microfiber cloths today to cut up and use as wipes (for a one week trial to see if I can keep up) & swiffer pads.



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