friday favorite

Years ago I stopped at a garage sale late on a Saturday morning. Two kids, probably 8 & 10 years old, were manning the booth. They said their mom was inside sleeping. At the time I remember thinking, "What a slacker," but now I understand.
I understand how one can be so tired that letting one's children sell your stuff so they leave you alone for a few hours can sound like a great idea.
Anyways, I wandered in and saw this hanging up on the wall and asked how much. "Oh, how about a dollar?" was the reply. Instead of answering, I surprised both them and myself by leaping 6 feet straight up in the air to snatch it down before they could change their mind.
Okay, not really, but if you've ever found something that thrilled you to the core for a mere dollar you know the feeling I had.
It now hangs in our entry during the summer months.


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