good stuff

  • We had a good time this morning with Kate & Natalie at the Madison Children's Museum. Ruby was walking ALL OVER and James & Natalie played really well with eachother and the other kids there. James had a breakdown when we had to go and Kate reminded me of an excellent technique I often forget about. She told him, very sweetly, that we had to be happy when we left so they would let us come back another time. This worked great and he stopped the fake sobbing almost immediately. I find this to be one of my biggest problems with how I deal with James: Sometimes I forget he is 3! We can normally get good results reasoning with him and when it doesn't work I tend to just give up. He is 3! He responds to playfulness, teasing and well meant little white lies. Thanks, Kate, for reminding me to lighten up sometimes. :)
  • I thought my kids were both exhausted but after they ate in the parking garage they perked right up. (oops) The good thing is that they stayed awake and I got to get some groceries on the way home.
  • Tacos for dinner...already partially prepared!
  • Cub will soon be carrying soy yogurt again
  • Mom has a date tonight at the Pickwick...yum (now don't go spy on her, Dad) heehee
  • Patrick & I get to watch Lost tonight
  • It's already been established that I get some time alone on Saturday
  • Mom is coming next weekend so Patrick and I can have some time together...we've already decided to spend an evening down at the UW Terrace drinking beer and listening to music
  • Mom is coming next weekend so I get to go to Cleveland's with her
  • I had some chocolate today...I've been wanting some since yesterday
  • Both kids fell asleep on the way home and are still sleeping, one hour later (HALLELUIAH)
  • My sister sent me a gorgeous red vase for mother's day (picture soon)
  • I am getting together with a new friend next week


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