I am such an addict

The highlights & another no make up picture!
So many books to read while Patrick drives us to Duluth! mwa ha ha
(Library, I love you.)


(notice the plant is gone? she looks so innocent)

(and yes, I know I should wash my windows)

Actually, I have been kicking some to-do list butt this morning so I am sitting down with a second cup of coffee before my shower. I have about 10 minutes. That will leave me 10 to shower and get dressed before Backyardigans is over. I have already promised James some play time and I'm not sure what he has in store for me.

Big news this morning...Ruby walked about 7 feet! She walked towards James & I holding a tube of Desitin in one hand and with a plastic bag stuck to each foot. We were all thrilled and there was a lot of squealing, kissing and squeezing. What makes me happiest about this walking development may surprise you. I'm happy for her, sure, but I am REALLY happy that she will finally be able to wear all her cute summer dresses!

Speaking of summer dresses...remember way back in February when I bought her a new dress at Gymboree? Well, I just don't love it anymore. And why spend $40 on a dress & sweater that is cute but no cuter than the $12 ones I see at Target and H&M? And, I have so many adorable hand me down & thrifted dresses that she doesn't need new ones right now anyways. So, long story long, I'm returning the Gymboree stuff. Thank God I keep receipts.

Off to prepare myself for the out of the house portion of the to-do list: Target, Cub, Church, & Wild Child. (for Miss Ruby's gift from gramma)


  1. Love the highlights and hair cut. Hope you have a nice weekend and get all of your errands done today. Maybe we'll see you at Target; we've never made it out of the house today.


  2. So cute! Love your hair!

    Go Ruby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also bought a bunch of stuff I didn't love from Gymboree because I HAD to use my Gymbucks. I was so mad that there were even cuter dresses at Target for cheaper than I bought the Gymboree dresses on sale! Grrr. Gymboree is the bane of my existence, I swear!

  3. I like the new banner pic on your blog! Your highlights look great. I should go get that done in my hair.

    Have fun driving to Duluth! :)

  4. Kate - Thanks and sorry we missed you today. See you next week for sure.

    MM - Thank you, too! :) Kind of a fun change. I am so wild and crazy, you know. hahaha! And EXACTLY re Gymboree. They suck you in and then you find out later that they aren't all that. grrrr is right.

    Hi Darcy! Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for the compliment. You should try it...and post a picture for sure. :)

  5. Hey,your "smile" looks kind of fake cupcake....didn't make it to your eyes......oh well, just thought I'd mention it since I am so observant and I know how much you love my observations..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But I, too, think your highlights are v. nice. Please drive quickly and safely to Duluth :)

  6. I love Wild Child's stuff- must remember for next season. Ruby rox! But you knew that! Happy belated Mom's Day, too!

  7. Your hair looks great! Hey, I drove to Duluth in the end of March. My sisters and I drove all the way from Tampa for a concert. =) I just potty trained my two year old, Izzy. Amazing how fast time passes and how quickly they grow up. Enjoy.


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