I broke 2 needles!

Well, I did it. I turned a t-shirt into a small bag/purse. It was a lot of fun until the handle. I opened up the 2 short sleeves and folded them in half and sewed them into a long tube. Then I had to turn it out to the right way. You know when the string of your sweats dissappears inside? That's what it was like, only even more sickening. Then I f*ed up sewing it on, breaking 2 needles in the process. The 2nd one was heavy enough but the first broken needle was still lodged in the foot. HA! Overall, I love it. I want to add some velcro to the top so it will hold it's shape a little better but that will have to wait. I am exhausted.
(The good kind of exhausted, though.)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.......I love the part where you say "it seemed a little intimidating to me". try to remember that, will you? :)

    from your beige-hermit mama

  2. remember everyone can see this mom. hahaha.

    p.s. hot date = no longer hermit

  3. You rock!! you are always able to do the most incredible things!!

    I still have the magnet you made and the Christmas ornaments.

    Is there nothing you cannot do?!

  4. what christmas ornaments??

    and, STOP, you're making me blush. heehee


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