I sewed!

My Dad gave me a sewing machine years ago and I had never tried it. Patrick used it once to hem our curtains but I wasn't here to watch him...it seemed so intimidating on my own.

BUT! I just sewed my very first straight line across a dishtowel! Yay! I called my Dad for help with that pesky bobbin and then I was on my way.

I could hear the fear (and awe) in Patrick's voice when I told him...he is expecting the kids to be sewn together or something when he gets home. wheeeee! I'm sewing!


  1. ooooh how exciting! I have been wanting to set my machine up so I may do that this weekend (At least it can collect a lil dust outside of the box for awhile??)

    hee hee


  2. haha, isn't that the truth? It may be weeks until I get my velcro...I should get it off the kitchen table. :)


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