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Here are a few pics from our day today. We went to the allergist this morning (waste of time) then to Kate's house for playgroup. I love going to her house...I feel very at home there. (thanks, Kate!) It was a gorgeous day and we spent time outside and in. Ruby took her first 3 steps (in a row) to my friend Rebecca! It was so cute and she repeated her new trick a couple more times. Her and James both had a lot of fun. It got a little wild near the end and kind of turned into a naked playgroup - them, not us. HAHAHA.
Ruby and James fell asleep on the way home and I successfully transferred both of them into their respective beds. Ruby did wake up when I laid her in her crib but I just looked away and left the room. She must have got the idea. :) I laid James in our bed and he loved waking up there. I had such a nice break...I laid on the couch and read a magazine and then came down here and worked on that banner. I don't have to tell you how much I wish that would happen every day.
Tonight I had an appointment for a haircut, highlights (my first time!) and eyebrow waxing. I went back to this woman Stephanie who I met in December. I really like her and we have a ton in common. 1. We are both named Stephanie 2. We both have hair! and 3. We both love reality television a little too much. I don't get to indulge like I used to so she filled me in on some of the latest reality gossip. It was fun. I love my cut & my eyebrows and am still getting used to the highlights. I think they are cute, I just now look like every other brunette at the mall with brown hair and caramel highlights. haha. Patrick likes it all but is still adapting...he did this weird hand motion and said "chaaaaange" when he saw me. He is special.
Okay, I wasn't going to write much so now I will stop. It's bedtime. I'll be back tomorrow with 7 things you may or may not know about me....


  1. Congratulations to Ruby!!! The world looks very different from two legs. Soon you will be as fast as James!

  2. Go Ruby!!!

    And I love your highlights!! I think they look spectacular!! You are always beautiful.

  3. you are the sweetest thing, jules. thank you. xoxo


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