monona terrace collage

I've wanted to do this forever and finally got the chance this morning. I couldn't find a "Stephanie" so I went with Mom & Dad. I love the rooftop gardens at Monona Terrace, even with 100mph winds.

James & Ruby had fun and the wind wiped them out. (not literally, but almost) More pics here.
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  1. Stephanie, you are such an amazing photographer! I really love the sweet moments you capture. What kind of camera do you have? Do you always carry it with you?

  2. Thank you, mama, what a nice thing to wake up to! :)

    I do carry it everywhere because it's small & fits in my pocket. It's a Sony DSC-T9 and we love it.

    I just love taking pictures. I took a ton pre-James and with replaced the journal I never kept. Now I still take a ton but I have a kind of journal, too. Anyways, thanks. :)

  3. Very cool.



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