my mother was (choke) right

An interesting thing happened during the last 2 weeks in our home...light bulbs started burning out left and right! I had wanted to switch to fluorescent and *poof* - I needed to.

I bought some 60w and 100w equivalent bulbs in multi packs at Menards, getting a $5 rebate on each...sweet. I am in a little project mood today and finally started switching the burnt out ones. (sad that changing light bulbs is a fun! project!) The 100w bulb doesn't fit in our bathroom's too long. Crap. I had told my mom to buy fluorescent bulbs and she said she didn't think they'd fit in her fixtures...whatever, I thought. She was right.

Any suggestions? Are there different length fluorescent bulbs out there?


  1. Like I said darling, no problem, as long as you only require 40 watts :)

  2. p.s. that's it???? One short little blog with nothing whatsoever about my grandchildren? nice........

  3. They do make "Minis"- and the new generation bulbs are MUCH better- my dad's 1996 models are the ones that illicit comments like the first one! I saw some Minis on the Target website. Hope that helps!


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